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By Rhea Torres, Physiotherapist, Physioworks Health Group (WPPC Mulgrave)

January is the season for open water swims in Victoria.

While you may feel like your best way to improve is by getting wet, it’s important to remember that there are numerous exercises that can be completed on land that can assist your in-water performance.

Improving and maintaining strength throughout your body, especially your shoulders and upper limbs, are key to reducing injury and enabling you to participate in multiple events throughout the summer swim event season.

Summer Swimming Events – the Physioworks team can assist your performance


Therabands are one tool that can be set up to practice technique drills to ensure you’re getting the best out of your stroke.

Increasing the kilometres out of the pool may help improve your capacity in water. Cross training, such as cycling, walking or running, can be an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular fitness.

Keep your back limber. When you’re swimming it’s essential to have good rotation through the entirety of your spine, and you don’t need water to keep mobile. You may find when you move more freely through your spine, your stroke is less laborious and you travel better through the water.

If need assistance with an ongoing injury or you want to improve your performance in the water the team at Physioworks Health Group can help you out. Please contact your preferred Physioworks clinic