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 Physioworks Health Group offer a range of services & treatments across our network of multi-disciplined clinics, delivered by our team of experienced male & female physio & health care professionals.

Physioworks Health Group is registered to provide services for TAC, WorkSafe and/or DVA clients.


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Manipulative Physio

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Available in: Berwick | Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have undertaken advanced, intensive training, have studied the latest evidence-based research & undergone rigorous examinations to be awarded fellowship in the Australian College of Physiotherapists (FACP). Accordingly, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are recognised by the profession as having the highest level of musculoskeletal skills, and are profession leaders in the management of musculoskeletal problems. The skill of the Specialist lies in the ability to assess, treat & manage complex, difficult and, at times, multi-factorial musculoskeletal problems.

Physioworks Health Group Co-Directors Andrew Dalwood (FACP) and David Francis (FACP) are trained as Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists*, meaning they are leaders in their field & highest qualified to provide opinion to best assess your condition.

*As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009.

Physioworks David Francis discusses “your health game”

Sport Physiotherapy & Sport Injury Management

Available in: Berwick | Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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What ever your sport or level of participation, Physioworks Health Group can assist if you have a sport’s related injury or concern.

Led by David Francis, who was the Senior Physiotherapist at the Collingwood Football Club in the AFL for over 25 seasons (1996-2019), the Physioworks Health Group team of physios & health professionals have the skills & experience to accurately diagnose & treat acute & chronic musculoskeletal sporting conditions.

The team at Physioworks Health Group will plan a progressive return to sport for you with their expert knowledge about safe return to training, appropriate training loads & experience in working collaboratively with coaches. They will also advise if & when further investigations such as ultrasounds, CTs & MRIs are required. The team have relationships with a wide range of health professionals & an extensive referral network should a referral to a Sports Physician, Surgeon or other medical practitioner be required.

The Physioworks Health Group team are passionate about health, fitness & sport participation in our communities.  They have provided services to professional sporting organisations, including the Collingwood Football Club (AFL, AFLW, VFL & VFLW), Cricket Victoria, Paralympic teams & Tennis Australia teams, for many years. At a more local level, Physioworks actively supports & provides education to numerous schools, sporting clubs & leagues across a range of community sports, including football, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket, softball, rowing, athletics & dance.

General and Sports Physiotherapy

General & Manipulative Physiotherapy

Available in: Berwick | Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Manipulative/Manual physiotherapy is the term used for special handling techniques to promote healing of soft tissue, promote pain relief & restoration of normal movement patterns. These techniques may include myofascial release, joint mobilisation/manipulation & massage therapy, to name a few.

Manual therapy has been shown in numerous high quality research trials to be beneficial when combined with a tailored exercise program & education.  Our team of experienced practitioners will commonly use this method to rehabilitate your condition.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Available in: Camberwell

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Paediatric Physiotherapy, based at Physioworks Health Group Camberwell, involves the management of babies & children with orthopaedic & neurological conditions as well, as children with developmental problems. It aims to optimise your child’s movement and function or assist in achieving developmental milestones.

Our Paediatric Physiotherapy team, Adrienne Harvey (PhD) and Elizabeth Heeps, work with infants & children with orthopaedic, neurological & developmental disorders, as well as providing rehabilitation after injury & surgical interventions.

Orthopaedics conditions affect the bones & muscles, whereas neurological conditions are problems with the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves. Children with these conditions may have difficulties with their physical function, including mobility, muscle strength, range of movement & balance.

Children with developmental problems may have difficulty reaching developmental milestones by a time or age that is expected. Developmental milestones are stages children reach that commonly appear in certain age ranges. For example, head control, rolling, sitting, crawling & walking.

For Paediatric Physiotherapy appointments please call Physioworks Health Group Camberwell on 9889 6611.

Download your copy of the Physioworks Health Group Paediatric flyer.

Clinical Rehabilitation

Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

Available in: Berwick | Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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From the initial post-operative stage we will implement an early home based rehab programme for you. This may progress onto hydrotherapy and/or rehabilitation classes in our onsite clinic gymnasiums.

Depending on your post-operative condition, your goals in terms of returning to normal function and/or sport, and guided by the advice of your surgeon, the Physioworks physiotherapy team can help you achieve your goals.

Exercise Physiology, Clinical Rehabilitation & Exercise and/or Massage Therapy may also be beneficial in terms of aiding recovering from the surgery, and enforced period of inactivity/restricted movement & loss of overall general fitness.


Remedial Massage Therapy

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Remedial Massage Therapy can play a vital role in injury prevention & in recovery from injury. A remedial massage from an experienced massage therapist can provide real benefits to the mind & body.

Remedial Massage Therapy is a personalised treatment plan that is based on various factors, including your general health, any aches & pains you may be experiencing, any current injuries you may have, as well as your medical history & overall wellbeing.

The modalities used in this type of massage may include:

  • Relaxation/Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Pre and Post-natal Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Positional Release
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Muscle Energy Technique

Physioworks Health Group’s massage therapists have vast experience & are all members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. They ensure that each treatment is unique & is tailored specifically to your goals & health considerations.

At Physioworks Health Group our massage therapists & physiotherapists liaise closely concerning clients who may be receiving treatment from both disciplines.

Massage Therapy services are available at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne, Camberwell & Pakenham clinics.


Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Exercise Physiologists specialise in exercise prescription & the delivery of exercise programmes & rehabilitation for elite athletes through to those suffering from injury and/or chronic disease, including but not limited to, diabetes, obesity, arthritis & cardiovascular disease.

Exercise Physiology consultations are available at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne, Camberwell & Pakenham clinics.

Download your copy of the Physioworks Health Group Exercise Physiology flyer.

Elite Sports Physiotherapy

Clinical Rehabilitation & Exercise – CRE

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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“Clinical” refers to a thorough assessment by accredited an APA physiotherapist & development of an individualized rehabilitation & exercise program specific to your needs & goals.

At Physioworks Health Group your CRE program is performed either individually or in small group classes by one of our qualified physiotherapists allowing for re-assessment, tailoring, monitoring & support in each session.

Depending on your body your program can improve tissue healing, reduce stiffness & pain, and/or increase mobility, muscle activity, power or speed. Your CRE program will incorporate the exercises deemed most appropriate for you to obtain the best health outcome, this may include Clinical Pilates or Pilates-informed exercises, as well as strength, balance, flexibility or other types of exercises.

Personal Training and Exercise

Personal Training & Exercise Classes

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Exercise Physiologists’ run fitness classes for those looking to improve their fitness with the guidance & motivation of a trained health professional.

At Physioworks Health Group all clients participate in an individual exercise assessment prior to commencing classes where baseline recordings of strength, fitness & health criteria are completed.

A customised, tailored exercise program to help meet your exercise goals can also be developed specifically for you by our Exercise Physiologists team who will guide & support you through your exercise training program.

Clinical Strength and Conditioning

Clinical Strength & Conditioning

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne

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Want to learn to lift weights correctly? Need more power? Need to be faster? Need to stronger for longer periods?

Clinical Strength & Conditioning, personalised & customised to your health-care issues & physical capabilities, is available at Physioworks Health Group. Individual assessments, one on one sessions and group sessions are available.



Available in: Camberwell |  Cranbourne 

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Podiatry treats all foot & lower limb disorders. A podiatrist will look at your footwear, walking & running style to assess any abnormal function & intervene where necessary to treat or prevent injury.

A podiatrist can help relieve foot & heel pain, knee pain and aching legs. Other treatments include sports injuries, shin splints, stress fractures & skin disorders, such as tinea, blisters, warts, corns & callus infections.

Podiatry services are available at Physioworks Health Group Camberwell & Cranbourne clinics.

Industrial Physiotherapy

Occupational Injury Management Industrial Physiotherapy

Available in: Camberwell | Cranbourne 

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Physioworks Health Group have physiotherapists highly experienced in Industrial Physiotherapy, including Work Place Assessments.

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Andrew Dalwood (FACP) has over 30 years’ experience in Industrial Physiotherapy, consulting to large, multinational companies & Victorian Government Departments to reduce injury frequency and improve workplace injury management.

The Physioworks team can provide one on one appointment’s tailored to the individual & work requirements & can complete on-site workplace assessments so that your employees have the safest return to work plan.

With the shift to remote office in recent times, it is imperative that the home office desk & environment is set up correctly. Physioworks Health Group can assist with Ergonomic Assessments in the home or office to help prevent injury. Learn more here.

Physioworks Health Group is registered to provide services for TAC clients & Worksafe clients.

Physioworks Services - Hydrotherapy


Available in: Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Hydrotherapy can offer a perfect adjunct to physiotherapy, to assist strengthening, mobilisation & movement.

Hydrotherapy, which involves gentle exercises in warm water with programs individually tailored to each person’s particular needs, is available at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne & Pakenham clinics.


Physiworks - Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

Available online from: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Physioworks “At Home TeleHealth” for online Physiotherapy consultations.

Continuity of your Physiotherapy management safely from your own home.

Given the current pandemic challenges, Physioworks Health Group TeleHealth is available, by arrangement with your therapist, for Physiotherapy consultations to help ensure ongoing management of your current condition.

Physioworks Health Group TeleHealth consults can be done from your home via telephone or online via ZOOM, a video based software. ZOOM is easily downloadable (2-3 minutes) from an “email link” we will send to you when you make a booking.


Our fee structure remains the same as a normal physiotherapy consult. Full Payment is required by EFT (direct deposit) & receipts will be issued for you to claim your private health or Medicare rebate.

  • Private health funds may have available rebates for current existing patients & new patients with chronic conditions or post-surgical rehabilitation. Check with your private health fund to see if they cover TeleHealth.
  • Rebates remain for Medicare referred patients under the EPC program.
  • WorkCover is covering the cost of TeleHealth.
  • TAC will also cover the cost for TeleHealth consultations delivered by a physiotherapist.

Retail Health Care Products

Retail: Health Care Products

Purchase at: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Retail Health Care products are available at all Physioworks Health Group clinics.

From icepacks to sports tape, from knee braces to ankle braces, from massage balls & rollers to theraputic pillows ask our therapists and/or reception team about our range of health care products.


Physioworks Gift Certificate

Gift Vouchers

Purchase at: Camberwell | Cranbourne | Pakenham

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Give a gift of health, fitness & well-being.

Help your loved one or friend with thier health & fitness.

A Physioworks Health Group Gift Voucher makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers, Day or Fathers Day.

The Physioworks Gift Voucher can be used for physio, massages, exercise clasess, one-on-one personal training and/or health care retail products.

Just ask at recpetion or call your preferred clinic.


Physioworks - Other services

Additional Services

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Dry Needling

Involves needling to altered or dysfunctional tissues in order to improve or restore function. This may include needling of myofascial trigger points, periosteum, or other soft tissue. It can be used as an adjunct to your normal physiotherapy treatment.

Dry needling is avaiable at Physioworks Camberwell & Cranbourne clinics.

Pre-Employment Screening 

Physioworks Health Group perform pre-employment physical screening, helping to ensure potential staff are the best available & physically able to meet the requirements of the role.

Pre-employment Screening is avaiable at Physioworks Camberwell & Cranbourne clinics.


    Physiotherapy - What can be treated?

    Understanding Physiotherapy.


    What Physiotherapists do?

    Physiotherapists are qualified health professionals primarily concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment & prevention of spinal & muscular disorders.

    Physiotherapists utilise their knowledge of normal movement & the function of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons & ligaments to determine if they are performing effectively & normally.

    Physiotherapists are qualified in the management of musculoskeletal problems & spinal pain.

    You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist – just call & make an appointment.

    A physiotherapist can provide you with a referral for X-RAY or scan.

    However, is very important to be aware that there are differing levels of expertise & skill sets within physiotherapy, so selecting the correct physiotherapist for your condition requires consideration.

    There are currently three levels of clinical skill set within physiotherapy:

    • Generalist Physiotherapists
    • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists
    • Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

    Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have undertaken advanced specialty training & undergone rigorous oral & clinical examinations to be awarded Fellowship in the Australian College of Physiotherapists. Accordingly, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are recognised by their fellowship status indicated by the lettering F.A.C.P.

    Physioworks Health Group Co-Directors Andrew Dalwood FACP & David Francis FACP are trained as Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists*, meaning they highest qualified & skilled to best assess your condition.

    *As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009.

    How Physiotherapy can assist you?

    Physiotherapists aim to restore normal and pain-free function with the use of manual physical treatments including joint mobilisation, massage, electrotherapy, joint manipulation (if necessary) and exercises, complemented by advice & education.

    Musculoskeletal problems such as back & neck pain present major health care challenges globally, including in Australia. These problems affect not only the individual sufferer, but their families & work-related productivity.

    In 40-70% of people back & neck pain recover fully, with little or no treatment required. The remaining 30-60% of people however may continue to suffer from back or neck pain for an extended duration, and contribute much to the medical costs associated with spinal pain.

    People who benefit from physiotherapy can range from athletes recovering from a sporting injury, a worker rehabilitating from a back injury, a child with movement or developmental problems to the older person coping with the ageing process.

    At Physioworks Health Group we believe that regardless of age or physical ability we are all athletes…. we just have different events.

    If you are suffer from a musculoskeletal problem or seek an expert opinion for the management of a musculoskeletal complaint for which you want the very best possible physiotherapeutic outcome please consider a consultation at your nearest Physioworks Health Group clinic.

    Physiotherapy : Clinical Research

    Physioworks Health Group is regularly involved in Research Studies working with leading research institutions, such as the University of Melbourne.

    Physioworks Health Group is a leading physiotherapy & allied health provider. We provide quality assessment & treatment, based on scientific research, innovation & current best practice.

    As leaders in their field, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists* Andrew Dalwood (FACP) & David Francis (FACP) are actively involved in physiotherapy research & education.

    Andrew & David encourage their team of health care professionals at Physioworks Health Group to undertake ongoing education & research, to challenge, question and develop innovative, evidence based, best practice injury treatment techniques & management programs.

    Click on links below to view our involvement. (Most recent study is at the top.)

    Physioworks Health Group Jonathan Dodd involved in Knee & Hip research projects

    Physioworks Health Group Megan Jepson involved in “Chronic Heart Failure & Exercise” Research

    Physioworks Andrew Dalwood Co-Authors Published Knee Pain Research

    Physioworks Health Group Part of New Women’s Health Bra Study Research Project

    Physioworks Health Group New Knee and Hip Research Projects

    Physioworks Health Group Active in New Hip Research

    *As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009.

    Physiotherapy: What can be treated?

    • Sports Injuries
    • Paediatric Conditions
    • Whiplash
    • Headaches
    • Jaw Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Hip Pain
    • Shin Splints
    • Muscle strains & tension
    • Workcover and T.A.C claims
    • Ankle Sprains
    • Knee Pain
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Neck Pain & Stiffness
    • Biomechanical Problems
    • Chronic Pain
    • Referred Pain
    • Post Fracture & Surgical
    • Rehabilitation

    Latest News on Physiotherapy & Exercise.