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At Physioworks Health Group we believe that “Everyone is an athlete… we just have different events”

Are you challenging yourself to improve your health and fitness this spring?

What is your event and your event goal?

Physioworks Health Group - Diary of a 50 year old Novice Runner

Many Physioworks Health Group clients (and staff) are training excitedly as we head into the annual Spring-Summer Fun Run season, with a vast array of events, covering different distances, terrains (and even obstacles), being held across Melbourne & Victoria.

Whether you’re a veteran or a first-time competitor, a walker or runner, the Physioworks Exercise Physiology can assist you to prepare properly and ensure you’re heading for the finish line rather than for injury. The EP team can:

  • Structure training programs specific for you and your event;
  • Give you advice on hydration pre-and post-event;
  • Give you advice on the types of foods you should consider to fuel your body for your training and your event.

Running, or even walking, can take a toll on your body. Repeat forces travel through the feet, up through the leg, into the hip and up into your back. If you don’t have the adequate muscle length, strength, joint range of movement and/or trunk control, you can expose yourself to injury.

Common areas of injury include the feet, achilles, shins, front of the knee, hip, groin and lower back. You can also be pre-disposed to muscles strains in the calf and hamstring region.

Our physiotherapy team at Physioworks Health Group have extensive experience in assessing and managing these types of sporting injuries but, more importantly, detecting problem areas before they develop.

Our health care team, including Soft Tissue Massage Therapists, can help you succeed in achieving your event goals by reducing any pain you may be experiencing, loosening stiff joints or tight muscles, prescribe specific exercises to strengthen and improve control in and around your problem areas.

Can Physioworks help you with your event goals this fun run season?

Best to all competing in the Melbourne Marathon Festival this weekend.