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Many people first see the inside of a physiotherapy clinic as a result of a doctor’s referral. If you have been hospitalised as a result of an accident, injury or some other condition where physiotherapy is indicated, you may receive treatment while still in the hospital and continue treatment at the clinic or at home.

You may also seek out physiotherapy help on your own if you

  • Are an athlete who needs to enhance his/her performance
  • Suffer from a variety of pains, aches, diseases or conditions that prevent you from leading an active life
  • Have difficulty moving about or with your daily routines or need assistance or education in becoming more independent
  • Want to improve overall fitness
  • Want to improve your capacity to work

Physiotherapists are primary health practitioners so private patients do not need a doctor’s referral, although your doctor will often work with a physiotherapist to ensure the best possible outcome for your condition. A physiotherapist can issue a sick leave certificate.

If you are planning on claiming your injury through an insurance company then it is advisable to see your GP to get a referral to see the physiotherapist. This makes your claim management easier and reduces claim dispute issues from insurers. If you already have a claim number please bring this and details of your insurer to your initial appointment with Physioworks.

Even if your doctor has given you a referral to see another physiotherapist, you are totally entitled to choose your preferred physio. Simply bring the referral in with you to your first session and we will let the referring doctor know that you have commenced treatment with us.

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