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In this most challenging year, the Physioworks Health Group team are back actively supporting local community sporting teams as Melbourne returns to community summer sports.

Injury prevention education is now critical given the level of inactivity that most players have endured in 2020, so the Physioworks team have been providing guidance to coaches and players to ensure a safe and healthy return to sport, including ongoing health tips that the clubs share on team apps and/or social media.

“Bandit Health – We’ve all been less active. Ease back in, not too hard too early. Muscle activate. Do warm up exercises = injury prevention. Ask WPPC today – 9795 0668”

Further the Physioworks team assist the playing squads with management of injuries, providing a range of services, including Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Exercise Programs.

Physioworks helping community clubs return to summer sport

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist David Francis & Massage Therapists Larissa Cordiano & Karyn Wheeler, at Physioworks Camberwell are working with the Camberwell Magpie Cricket Club for the 2020/21 Victorian Premier Cricket season.

At Physioworks Cranbourne, David Francis the team are assisting the Cranbourne Basketball Association programs as the junior and senior summer basketball competitions return to the court.

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Andrew Dalwood and the team at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre are supporting the Brandon Height Bandits Softball Club as they return to the diamond in the Waverley Softball Association for the summer softball season.

With vast experience across a range of elite & community sports, Physioworks Health Group is committed in assisting local community based sporting clubs to maximise participation & performance. Can we assist your club in 2021 with your safe return to sport? Contact your local Physioworks clinic today.