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Physioworks Health Group provide physiotherapy and allied health sponsorship and support to Casey Basketball Association (CBA), including the Casey Cavaliers.

A break in the Casey Cavaliers schedule has given Physioworks Physiotherapist Alex Natsioulas time to reflect on the current status of the basketball season from an injury prevention and management perspective.

Physiotherapist Alex Natsioulas with Casey Cavaliers


Q: What’s your role for Physioworks with Casey Basketball?

Alex: I’m team physiotherapist for the Casey Cavs; attending every training on Thursday nights and all home games for Men’s and Women’s; and then provide ongoing treatment and support for the players when they attend the Physioworks Cranbourne clinic.

Q: Most common injury this season?

Alex: I’m always treating ankle and knee injuries; some due to landing around opponents and others due to quick change of direction required on the basketball floorboard surface.

Q: What is key for Injury Prevention for basketballers?

Alex: Firstly appropriate footwear, but baskeballer’s need real lower limb (hip/quad/calf) strength and excellent landing technique. The Strength and Conditioning program at Physioworks Cranbourne focus on such areas, and can tailor specific S&C requirements for all athletes.

Q: How do the Cav players/squads approach Recovery?

Alex: Many of the players use the water recovery services at P3 Sports and Recovery Berwick as part of their recovery. Post-game rest, hydration and nutrition are also important.

Q: How do you manage players returning from injury?

Alex: Communication with both player and coaches is critical. I discuss with the coaches what the appropriate time on court per match/ quarter is for each player who maybe returning from injury; and set the player and coaches expectations accordingly in their injury rehab/return plan.

Physiotherapist Alex Natsioulas with Casey Cavaliers

Contact Physiotherapist Alex Natsioulas at Physioworks Health Group Cranbourne to assist with your basketball injury prevention and management on 5995 1111.