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A long term principal of the Physioworks Health Group (PWHG) has been identifying and providing support to our local communities. Given the current challenges and difficulties we are all facing, Physioworks intend over the coming months to further connect and assist our communities back to some sort of normal life and activity.

Physioworks Health Group has been involved with the Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club (CMCC) for over 10 cricket seasons, providing sports medicine services to the senior programme and involved in the physical preparation of the athletes at the club.

Over the last 2 years, the CMCC board has a stated aim to become more connected with their local community; and an exciting initiative in this connection is the establishment the Camberwell Magpie Cricket Academy.

Physioworks Health Group is pleased to announce we have recently entered a new 3 year partnership agreement with CMCC, to financially sponsor and provide sports medicine expertise to the Camberwell Magpies Cricket Academy.

A select group of young boys, from all parts of Victoria, will be invited to be involved in the cricket academy programme. The aim is for the participants to be exposed to advanced skill acquisition from the experienced team of cricket coaches at CMCC, led by Shaun Prescott. They will learn key aspects of preparation for cricket, both physically and mentally. They will meet and learn from members of the senior cricket programme, and most importantly, it will provide an opportunity for the boys to mix and integrate with a wider circle of young men.

David Francis - Camberwell Magpies

Physioworks Director David Francis said “Over the last 25 years Physioworks and numerous members of our team have had the opportunity and privilege to be involved in elite sports management internationally, nationally and at a community level. With a 3 year commitment, PHWG are pleased to support CMCC to commence and advance the new Academy programme to ensure that it evolves with all sectors of the local cricket community”.

David Francis has served on the CMCC board for the last 2 years, and this year he is involved with the cricket committee under the direction of CMCC life member Mark Dwyer, who will drive the establishment of the Academy.

“With the end of lockdown, outdoor sport competition will soon return to our local communities. Physioworks and the CMCC look forward to seeing you down at McQueen Park in Camberwell this summer to enjoy some exciting Premier Level cricket” added David.