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In this stop-start footy and netball season muscle soreness may be more prevalent for many players, especially in the 2-4 week period post all returning to community sport.

Recovery after both training and matches is really important to ensure you are best prepared and to help prevent injury.

So try this RECOVERY TIP from the physio team at Physioworks Health Group: “Follow R.I.C.E to quickly and effectively self-manage your acute injuries and muscle soreness”

  1. REST – immobilize the injured area. This reduces the amount of small vessel bleeding, tissue damage and allows quicker recovery.
  2. ICE – apply to the injured area for 20min, every 2hours for 48-72 hours. This reduces blood flow, swelling, pain, muscle spasm and prevents any secondary damage to the area.
  3. COMPRESS – apply a firm wide compression bandage including above and below the injured part. Keep on at all times, except when icing. This causes blood vessel constriction reducing bleeding and swelling.
  4. ELEVATE – Where possible, it is important to elevate the injured limb above the level of the heart at all times. This reduces the swelling and small vessel bleeding in the area.

When in doubt or if muscle soreness continues, speak with your Physioworks physio at your preferred clinic to ensure you are taking the right precautions to remain on the field this season  and perform at to your best!

Physioworks Health Group Recovery Tip - R.I.C.E