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Physiotherpist Jack Mest acknowledged in OA Knee clinical trials

Physioworks Physiotherapist Jack Mest participated as a treatment provider in a clinical trial in a University of Melbourne NEXA study:   ‘The Role of Neuromuscular Exercise for Knee Osteoarthritis (OA)

The study looked at the effect of neuromuscular training as a means to improve function and reduce pain for those suffering Osteoathritis of the knees.

Neuromuscular training is an intricate type of training that combines balance, core stability and hip control to help improve the bodies biomechanics, thereby reducing arthritic pain during everyday life tasks such as walking, squatting, or stair climbing.

The study investigated that if neuromuscular structures and pathways are well developed, they can protect diseased joint surfaces and prevent further cartilage wear, both of which characterise Osteoathritis. Neuromuscular training encapsulates principles that will vastly help to progress knee rehabilitation further from the very basic and outdated concepts of standard quads and hamstring strengthening.

Jack Mest has special interest in both surgical and non-surgical knee rehabilitation. He was recently received recognition from Melbourne University for his outstanding contribution as a Project Physiotherapist to the study which spanned two years concluding in late 2012. Jack provided either a specific neuromuscular program or quadriceps strengthening program to study patients through Physioworks Health Group and to progress appropriately.

Physioworks Director, David Francis said: “Physioworks Health Group is committed to research and education to ensure our patients the latest, best practise in injury management and rehabilitation. Jack’s involvement in the study demonstrates his and our clinical team’s commitment to evidence based practise and treatment”.

Jack also has a personal interest in long-distance running and he has a close appreciation for the running athlete, having to manage his own knee pain during his running training. Jack’s has a strong understanding of event preparation, diet, hydration and training progressions from both a physiotherapy and runner’s perspective as he is regularly competing in events, including the upcoming Melbourne Half Marathon in October.

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