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melbournemedibankmarathonThe multiple events at the Melbourne Marathon Festival present challenges at different levels for all, from experienced athletes to first time runners.

Some of our health care and management team at Physioworks are using the challenge of the Melbourne Marathon to get fit for summer. And many of our clients are preparing for one of the events at the Melbourne Marathon.

Here a couple of Pre-Event Tips from our Exercise Physiologists Brooke DeHey and Jude Hewavasam to help you to reach your event goal.

  • ‘Hitting the Wall’- be prepared that at some point you may feel you’ve hit the wall! Prepare for this mentally & have motivators in your mind for this time. Running a marathon is a mental battle- Mentally rehearse ‘hitting that wall’ & what you will do to overcome it! Staying mentally strong will assist you remain physically strong…
  • Hydration: Start this 48 hours prior to race day. During your training you should have ensured you are drinking adequately. During training/race & post training/race replace electrolytes lost with sports drinks. Prior to training and the race ensure you are well hydrated with water.
  • Nutrition: Increase your carbohydrate intake more than usual in last 3 days prior to race day. Approx. 70% of your calories should be from carbohydrate sources eg: pasta’s, potatoes, rice, cereals, breads.
  • Final Mission: In this last week pre race ensure you are sufficiently fueled, hydrated, refreshed & recovered! Good Luck and enjoy the run.

Pulling up sore from running/post event? Are you running correctly or as efficiently as you could? Head into our clinics and see our Exercise Physiology team today for a running assessment & running strengthening program.

Our ‘Melbourne Marathon Squad Rate’ applies to all treatments across all our clinics and is applicable to every event at the festival to be held on Sunday October13. Just provide your entry registration number to reception to be eligible for your 10% discount on treatments pre and post event.

Keep on eye on our website and Facebook page for more tips in the lead up to the event.