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Physioworks Health Group Exercise Physiologist Megan Jepson recently completed the Around the Bay in a Day bike ride (250km) then followed up seven days later by running the Melbourne Half Marathon (21.1km)

Megan had prepared for both events with a mix of exercise and cross training (including biking, running, walking and stretching). Critical to backing up for these two events, which were only 7 days apart, was her post-event recovery.

“Hydration during both events and then all week post event – mainly water – was critical; as is nutrition, such as fruits, pasta & breads combined with a tailored measured post-event exercise program – these are all key to ensure best recovery” said Megan

Here was Megan post-event recovery program after the Ride (250km) and Run (21.1km):

Post Around the Bay Bike Ride (Sunday): 

  • Monday- Very Light spin bike session
  • Tuesday- Foam rolling session and a big walk
  • Wednesday- 7km low intensity interval running on treadmill (reduced pace)
  • Thursday- Nil
  • Friday- Light 5km Run
  • Saturday- Light 25km bike ride & stretching session
  • Sunday- Half Marathon Event

Post Half Marathon (Sunday):

  • Monday- Light spin bike session
  • Tuesday- Big walk
  • Wednesday- 40min X-trainer interval session (low impact)
  • Thursday- Nil
  • Friday- Light 5km Run
  • Saturday- 5km walk, Light bike spin session & stretching session
  • Sunday – Rest

“The exercise programs that I plan for my clients, and that I also follow, is a rounded program to include not only event preparation, but also hydration & nutrition advice and I place a very strong focus on post-event recovery” said Megan.

Megan tailored an exercise program for Physioworks Health Group Director Andrew Dalwood as he ran and completed his first half marathon at the 2018 Melbourne Marathon Festival.

“It was certainly hotter (24c) and windier than expected and the role of regular in-race hydration certainly was evident, with numerous people resting along the way with the on-site first aiders. It seemed that they had poor race preparation and planning in view of the conditions” said Andrew


“I had a post event recovery plan in place as part of my exercise program devised with Megan. Post-race hydrating was an essential part of recovery. I drank over 5 litres of water over the next 4 hours post event, along with gentle stretching and a solid food intake, a short session in the Port Phillip Bay on the way home – cold water immersion helped, followed by an afternoon nap. Next two days included more stretching and gentle walking. By Tuesday evening I was feeling ready to go again” added Andrew

The Exercise Physiology (EP) team at Physioworks Health Group can assist you prepare and recover from your event with a customised exercise program. Contact your preferred Physioworks clinic to speak with a Megan Jepson or any member of the EP team.