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Three of the Physioworks Health Group physiotherapy team recently spent three days at the MCG – not watching sport but in-fact learning from world renowned speakers on pain sciences and chronic back pain.

Physioworks Director Andrew Dalwood, APA Sports Physiotherapist Scott Williams & Physiotherapist Jack Manson attended the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute “Explain Pain” course.

Keynote presenter was Dr. Lorimer Moseley, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of SA, who has world leading expertise in pain management with over 25 years of clinical experience working with people in chronic pain, and has contributed to extensive research with publications in international journals.

Physioworks Health Group is committed to further education of our team to ensure latest clinical and research learnings can be applied in patient assessment and management.

The Physioworks team attended to further their clinical understanding in assisting people experiencing acute and chronic pain, particularly chronic back pain. The aim of the course was to advance thinking, understanding and treatment of pain with a blend of lectures, interaction and practical workshops.

Key learnings and outcomes for the team from “Explain Pain” course include:

  • Latest biological understanding of chronic pain and how different body systems can influence the amount of pain a person has; including

– The role of the individuals thoughts or beliefs about their condition
– The impact of scan findings can have on a person’s pain
– The important role of quality sleep, impacts of the immune system and its health on the individuals pain level.

  • Management of persistent back pain was discussed; including questioning beliefs about the correct postures to adopt and methods on lifting, all of which enhances our management of patients with long standing back pain.

Please contact your preferred Physioworks Health Group clinic for assistance with chronic back pain or the assessment and management of other long standing pain issues.