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National Diabetes Week (July 8-14) with the It’s About Time message aims to increase awareness of the early detection and health impacts of diabetes in our communities.


  • is the leading cause of blindness in adults
  • is a leading cause of kidney failure
  • is the leading cause of preventable limb amputations
  • increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke by up to four times

Exercise can be used to combat and manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.

Physioworks Health Group are at the forefront in providing educational advice and treatment programs around Diabetes & Exercise.

Exercise is proven to:

  • Improve insulin sensitivity & gylcaemic control.
  • Exercise improves the way muscles respond to insulin, in turn helping regulate blood glucose levels for some hours after exercise.
  • Exercise increases glucose uptake by the muscles in other ways that do not depend on insulin.
  • In addition, exercise can lower the dose of insulin required by improving the body’s response to insulin.

Physioworks Health Group has a specific Diabetes program ‘Running with Diabetes’ conducted by our Exercise Physiology team, which directly benefits diabetics.

The Physioworks Running with Diabetes program is an 8 week group class program for Type 2 diabetics.  This program requires a specific Type 2 diabetes referral form from a GP and is available to clients who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

These clients receive one (1) initial assessment & eight (8) group class sessions which can be rebated through Medicare.  Once clients complete all these sessions our EP team may encourage them to continue regular group session attendance.

The Physioworks Health Group Exercise Physiology team – Brooke DeHey, Megan Jepson, Jude Hewavasam and Daniel Jeavons – work across all our clinics and can discuss any aspect of our Exercise programs and your diabetes or other chronic condition.

Our Exercise Physiology team can tailor a specific Exercise Program to help assist & manage your condition. Call your preferred Physioworks clinic today.