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At Physioworks Health Group we believe ‘we are all athletes, we just have different events’!

Our Exercise Physiology team recently celebrated 10 years of exercise commitment with two long term clients, Helene Hudson & Sue McIver, who portray the very essence of our motto.

Physioworks Health Group Exercise Physiologist Brooke DeHey praised the dedication and commitment of Helene and Sue, whilst sharing some of the 10 year celebration that the EP team put together “We decorated the Physioworks Cranbourne clinic gym with 10 balloons, went out for dinner, presented the girls with flowers and then “celebrated” by exercising everything in 10’s for their week of classes” laughed Brooke.

We thought we’d share the exercise journey of Helene and Sue; and how customised, managed exercise programs with the Physioworks Exercise Physiology team have assisted their individual challenges.

Helene Hudson:

Helene initially commenced Exercise Physiology with Brooke DeHey upon the referral from her Physiotherapist David Francis, due to ongoing lower back problems. In her initial EP assessment session Helene stated she ‘doesn’t run’.  10 years on Helene is extremely fit and healthy for her age, and she participates in numerous fun runs each year.  Helene attends 3x EP class sessions per week at Physioworks Health Group consisting of a bike class, strength training, boxing, running training plus she runs 2x per week.  Helene’s back pain is now very well managed and her function, fitness, strength and health is excellent.

Sue McIver:

Sue also commenced Exercise Physiology with Brooke DeHey, following a referral from “her partner in crime” Helene!  Sue and Helene used to work together so they thought why not start exercising together too!

Prior to commencing with the Physioworks EP team, Sue’s exercise consisted of walking and some weights, and her EP goal was simply wanting to get fitter and healthier.  10 years on Sue is an absolute picture of fitness, and proves that age is no barrier.  Sue has completed in 4 half-marathons over the past 4 years, numerous fun runs and never backs away from any strength or fitness challenge.  Sue attends 3x EP sessions per week consisting of a bike class, strength training, boxing & running work plus she runs 2x per week.  Sue does have a chronic knee injury, so our EP team accommodate and assist her to manage this in her all her exercise, and Sue’s fitness, strength and health is inspiring.

Whilst both Helene & Sue have differing conditions/injuries, fitness levels & strength, the EP team at Physioworks Health Group pride ourselves on prescribing their exercise accordingly and ensuring they both achieve their goals.  Congratulations and thank-you to both Helene and Sue.

Please contact reception at your preferred Physioworks clinic if our Exercise Physiology team can assist you with an exercise assessment and a managed exercise program.