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Time off work due to poor health, injury or illness has a huge impact on families, businesses & communities.

And tradies lead the way with in work place injury. Statistics show almost 55% of serious workplace injuries involve a tradie – despite tradies only making up 30% of the workforce.

August is Tradies National Health Month. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) are shining a light on the way tradies work; and how tradies can make small changes to their work practices to reduce their risk of injury & ensure better health outcomes.

Tradies National Health Month

69% of all tradies think that ongoing soreness is a “normal part of the job” so there is a tendency to ‘tough it out’ at work!

The physiotherapy team at Physioworks Health Group can help treat common tradie injuries such as shoulder, back or knee pain, plus soft tissue injuries such as strains & tears. They can also help treat and support more complex health conditions such as diabetes, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction & stroke recovery.

So if you are a tradie & you have ongoing soreness or niggles, speak with one the Physioworks physio team to help prevent “tradie pain” & ongoing injury. The Physioworks team can assist you with your health, fitness & well-being to help ensure you “stay on the tools.”

Just give a call to speak with one of our physiotherapy team at your preferred Physioworks clinic location.

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