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Physioworks Health Group Director & leading Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Andrew Dalwood (FACP)* discusses winter injuries & offers some advice about how to prevent & avoid them.

Winter injuries – What are they? Why do they occur?

I classify three key reasons that typically create the winter injuries that present regularly at Physioworks Health Group at this time of year.

First, we looked at Winter team sport injuries, then at Alpine Sport injuries. Today let’s look at: Hibernation Injuries.

Your inactivity across winter can create injury.

I now refer to some of these injuries as “Netflix injury” – as the cold weather means that often we “stay on couch” rather than getting up, moving and being active.

Winter presents ideal opportunity to do indoor exercise.

Perhaps Yoga, gym-based exercise, indoor swimming or try Group Exercise classes; such as the regular group classes run in-clinic by the Exercise Physiology team at Physioworks Health Group.

Or perhaps, with some chilly but sunny weather, be self-organised – get outside when you can – walk, get in the garden – as it is just really important to be active and move during winter.

In September and October we see a marked increase in cases presenting at the clinics post the “hibernation season”.

Spring-time leads to people become more active and many are not prepared for increased activity (or they have over committed in winter sports & that soreness remained unchecked, so now they are paying a price).

So, my advice is simple. Don’t come “out of the cave” to thaw out post-winter; be active, continue to move and exercise across the entire winter period.

As everyone is unique – some may have specific health issues, the age of others may prevent winter team sport – it makes perfect sense that different activities appeal to certain individuals. 

So, when it comes to health and fitness across winter finding YOUR right winter event or activity – which best fits your uniqueness – is really important for enjoyment and best fitness outcomes, but also to prevent potential injury at a later date.

Our team can assist you. Talk to the physiotherapy & exercise physiology team at your preferred Physioworks clinic to help manage your winter exercise and activity.

*As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009.