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Recently Physioworks Health Group Director Andrew Dalwood, along with APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Jonathan Dodd and Physiotherapist Paul Kemel, recently returned to University to complete new protocol training for two new Research Studies with the University on Melbourne.

PWG Hip Research Studies 2019

Physioworks Health Group are again involved in research investigating the impacts of exercise on Hip Osteoarthritis (Hip OA).

These exciting research projects keep Physioworks Health Group at the forefront of best practice management of Knee and Hip arthritis.

The first pilot trial, known as “Echo” will involve a program of exercise intervention for Hip Osteoarthritis (Hip OA) delivered by physiotherapists via the internet, rather than in clinic.

The purpose of this research is to find out whether people with Hip Osteoarthritis find a specially-designed diet and exercise program manageable, helpful and acceptable.

This online approach is in line with previous research the Physioworks Health Group team did on Knee Osteoarthritis (Knee OA) in 2016. The outcomes have now led to a larger trail involving clients from Medibank Private receiving physio via the internet for Knee Arthritis.

If you or a family member have Hip Osteoarthritis (Hip OA) you/they may be eligible to be involved in this trial. The University of Melbourne has started recruiting for the Echo Trial. Go here for more details on the Echo Research trial.

The second study will involve clients across all five Physioworks Health Group clinic locations.  This study, known as “Phoenix”, will be a 12 week program of physiotherapy lead exercise intervention. This research follows on from an initial pilot study which the Physioworks team performed in 2018. The preliminary findings were very positive, meaning the University researchers were able to successfully gain NHMRC funding for a larger trial. Recruitment for the Phoenix trial will occur later in 2019.