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Check out some great health care gift ideas for Christmas, as recommended by the Physioworks physiotherapy team, which you can purchase at your preferred Physioworks clinic.

The very best Christmas gift is helping to keep your loved ones active & healthy in 2024.

Physioworks Health Group offer a range of health care products which can assist with activity, injury prevention & self-injury management:

  • Lumbar Roll: For tight & sore low backs – it can help in reducing back stiffness & pain.
  • Spiky Massage Ball: Use it to ease muscle tightness in your glutes, low back, shoulders & calves, which are commonly tight areas.
  • Exercise Ball: An exercise ball can be used for both exercise & comfort. There are heaps of exercises that you can perform on an exercise ball that can target almost every muscle group in the body, allowing you to do a full body workout at home.
  • Therapeutic Pillow: A memory foam pillow which is adjustable to your body shape & sleeping position is a great way to reduce neck pain & headaches. Ask one of our physio team for assistance to help fit a pillow to best suit you.      
  • Wheat Bag: Great to ease joint & muscle pain after a workout or training. Wheat bags come in all shapes & sizes to fit different parts of your body, they are reusable hundreds of times.

Too hard to choose?  

Simply give a Physioworks Gift Certificate – for use at your clinic of purchase. It’s a great gift for health, fitness & general well-being this Christmas!!

The gift voucher can be used for any of our health care products or for any of our in-clinic services – including Physiotherapy treatments, Massage, Exercise Assessments and/or Group/Individual Exercise classes. Just ask our reception team.

Just pop into your preferred Physioworks clinic & ask at reception for assistance with our range of health care products – or please give your preferred clinic a call.