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Stadium STOMP 2017

After initially participating in 2016, a larger team from the Physioworks Health Group, consisting of Physioworks staff and clients, are again taking to the stairs to be part of Stadium STOMP 2017 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Stadium STOMP is Australia’s largest consecutive stair climbing challenge. Major stadiums around Australia including the MCG, support the event, with fundraising for charity the core driver to help make every step count.

For participants there are the health and fitness outcomes combined with anticipation, fun and the extreme satisfaction in completing the full MCG challenge of 7340 stairs (Level 1-4 of the MCG) or the smaller course of 1890 stairs (Level1), for both themselves and their chosen charity.

This year the Physioworks Health Group team are supporting The Leukaemia Foundationfind out more or please donate here

To prepare for the mid-June event at the MCG, the Physioworks Health Group Exercise Physiology team of Brooke DeHey, Megan Jepson and Daniel Jeavons have held group exercise classes over the last 2-3 months, and tailored individual training plans to best prepare the 10 Physioworks clients and 5 staff members for the event.

Exercise Physiologist Brooke DeHey said the health benefits for participants stem from both the fitness/cardio vascular challenge, as well as lower limb/leg strength endurance, so the event is a great challenge for all fitness levels, with some setting goals to run up all the stairs, while others will walk it.

Clients have specific goals so they are undergoing specific leg strengthening endurance based programs in lead up to the event, as well as some running training. Our clients are generally completing 3 sessions per week with our EP team, including a mixture of bike class, specific leg strengthening class and fitness/running sessions” said Brooke.

Recovery is an important consideration post event and our EP team are advising each participant on best recovery approach, including hydration, and active movement/recovery/stretching immediately post event.

Participants should rest for 1-2 days post event, followed by having a light exercise week following.   Gradually they will return to normal exercise training/program within 7-10 days, knowing that they have met the exercise challenge of Stadium STOMP and achieved their goal, while supporting The Leukaemia Foundation” added Brooke.

Our Exercise Physiology team are constantly preparing clients in groups and individually to achieve their goals across numerous exercise related events in and around Melbourne from Stadium STOMP, the Melbourne Marathon Festival, the Mother’s Day Classic to other events, fun runs and walks. If you’d like to participate and need some assistance with your exercise program and event preparation please contact a member of our Exercise Physiology team or your nearest Physioworks Health Group clinic.