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By Sophie Grumley, Exercise Physiologist, Physioworks Health Group

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition that currently affects over 100,000 Australians.

Parkinson’s is a complex condition & symptoms can vary for each individual. Symptoms of Parkinson’s occur when the brain doesn’t produce enough dopamine; a neurotransmitter that is necessary for sending messages between nerve cells. The three most common symptoms that people with Parkinson’s suffer from are:

  • tremors
  • slowness of movement
  • rigidity

Along with these symptoms, many people also experience pain, increased fatigue, falls, anxiety and depression, cognitive changes & speech problems.

Each case of Parkinson’s is unique & the progression of the condition is different for each individual. Parkinson’s does not discriminate, it can affect anyone and the average age of diagnosis is 65 years. There is currently no known cure for the condition, however it is a condition that is continually being researched & studied.

There are many different treatments, therapies and support available to help manage Parkinson’s Disease, including exercise therapy.

Exercise is an important mode of therapy that is highly recommended for all individuals with Parkinson’s to help manage symptoms & side effects associated with the condition.

Maintaining a structured exercise routine that incorporates strength training, balance and proprioception training & cardiovascular exercise has been shown to dramatically improve mobility, function & overall independence in those with Parkinson’s.

Individualised, tailored exercise programs also help to:

  • Improve balance & therefore reduce falls risk
  • Improve gait & walking speed
  • Manage pain & fatigue
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Improve strength

It is important that individuals with Parkinson’s Disease are assessed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to ensure that a tailored exercise program that suits their needs & abilities can be developed.

The Exercise Physiology team at Physioworks Health Group – Sophie Grumley, Megan Jepson, Dylan D’Souza, & Brooke DeHey – are all highly experienced in working with client’s to help manage their Parkinson’s condition. The Physioworks team have developed & manage tailored exercise programs for clients with Parkinson’s Disease, from those with a recent diagnosis to those have been living with the condition for a number of years.

If you require further information, or if the Physioworks Exercise Physiology team can assist with your Parkinson’s condition, please contact your preferred Physioworks clinic.

More information and resources for Parkinson’s disease can be found at: