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Each year, World Physiotherapy Day (September 8) highlights an aspect of healthcare that physiotherapy is uniquely placed to address. This year, the theme is Chronic Pain.

The highly experienced team of physiotherapists at Physioworks Health Group are best qualified to assist you with your Chronic Pain.

Our Physiotherapy team can help you to understand how pain works, reduce fear around pain, educate you about the condition that you maybe experiencing and encourage you to safely take part in physical activity and build confidence.

Take Control of Chronic Pain

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) states that chronic pain affects 3.2 million Australians, and is often associated with increased rates of depression, fatigue and poor sleep.

Physioworks Health Group Director Andrew Dalwood said assisting people with chronic conditions to improve their general health and overall well-being, to help them live life to the fullest, is key to the role of the physiotherapist.

“At Physioworks Health Group we believe that “everyone is an athlete the just have different events”. Chronic pain impacts participation – that maybe sport, the work place, simply doing the garden or walking around the block. Assessment and a tailored exercise action plan is key to managing chronic pain, helping you to take control and participate in your life events” said Andrew.

A tailored, managed exercise program for chronic pain at Physioworks Health Group can assist to:

  • maintain flexibility and movement
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • build and keep muscle tone
  • improve mood and general wellbeing
  • reduce your fear around pain
  • increase confidence to take part in activities
  • help control pain

If you are suffering chronic pain please contact your preferred Physioworks Health Group clinic for physiotherapy assessment and treatment.