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Physioworks Health Group Physiotherapist Amy Shipperd has had a very busy summer of cricket and tennis.

Amy Shipperd Summer 2020

Amy Shipperd spent two weeks mid-January in Tasmania (Hobart & Launceston) as team physiotherapist for the Victorian Country U18s Women’s Cricket team at the U18’s National Championships.

The Championship is a combination of T20’s and 50 over one day games played across the two week period.

Amy managed a range of injuries, most of which came in the second week from overuse and overload from the girls playing a lot of matches; which is always a challenge in growing, dynamic bodies; and in the summer heat.

The busy training & match schedule meant taping the girls often started from 7am before pre-match warm sessions, with recovery & treatment sometimes until past 10pm on match days. Main injury concerns for Amy were sore backs/hamstring strains; and one dislocated finger!!

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Returning from Tasmania, Amy then swapped the bat for the racquet. Physiotherapist Amy Shipperd covered the Sport Inclusion Australian Tennis Championships held at Albert Reserve & Melbourne Park during the 2nd week of Australian Open.  Unfortunately weather played havoc with the event, with heat delays on Thursday & Friday followed by a washout on the Saturday. This meant the finals were not played – completely washed out unfortunately – however it did mean that everyone stayed very healthy throughout the tournament!

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