Physioworks Health Group Supporting Tradies and National Tradies Month

Tradies National Health MonthTo coincide with Tradies National Health Month, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) released a special report in early August “Stop Trading your Health Away” to educate and engage tradespeople on the importance of full body health and safety.

Tradies rely on their musculoskeletal health to do their jobs; and regularly ignore aches, pains and body stress.

This could result in early retirement and reduced quality of life.

Nearly one in every five serious workplace-related injuries (20.6%) involves a tradie, ranking them the third most injured profession, behind labourers (30.4%) and transport workers (25.9%), according to Safe Work Australia’s Key Work Health & Safety Report 2014.

The APA report shows the cost to businesses, communities, the health system and the economy is significant and growing, so the APA is calling on all tradies “to change their behaviour”

The APA report highlights a focus group survey that shows 75% of tradies regularly ignore pain.

As APA physiotherapists and as a TAC/Worksafe provider, Physioworks Health Group can help tradies to manage these pains and existing conditions, improve function and mobility in problem areas, prevent injuries and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today to make an appointment.

Don’t ignore the pain. Seeking help now can protect your future health, well-being and livelihood.

For more information on Tradies National Health Month you’ll find plenty of resources and information at


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