Physiotherapist Jordan Rutherford says Prevention is the Key to Golfer’s Back & Shoulder Pain

Regular exercise and physical activity is an important part of general health maintenance and management of common health conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and cardiac disease.

The National Physical Activity Guidelines (NPAGs) recommend that adults participate in 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week for health maintenance, but of course doing more exercise than the recommendation is far from a bad thing.

With glorious summer days and daylight savings providing sunlight well after work hours, perhaps getting out and playing golf may be on your to-do list.

However, particularly at this time of year, we regularly treat lower back pain and shoulder pain, which are the two most prevalent injury complaints amongst regular golfers.

If you are a regular golfer a thorough assessment of a golfer’s swing, strength and joint mobility is a vital part of injury management and prevention – and highly recommended.

Both lower back and shoulder pain for golfers can be caused by a number of reasons including; swing abnormalities, insufficient muscle strength and control or a lack of joint mobility in the hips, lumbar and thoracic spine, or shoulders.

As a golfer may repeat their swing a club up to 100 times per round – and for many of us, even more often – any predisposing factors for injury can fast become a problem.

The physiotherapy team at Waverley Park Physiotherapy Centre are well equipped to assess and treat golfing injuries, and provide you with a tailored exercise program to avoid future injuries.

For a consultation and assessment with Physiotherapist Jordan Rutherfordplease call WPPC reception on 9795 0668.


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