Clinical Research in Physiotherapy


Clinical research in the field of physiotherapy is as important to the profession as it is to any other medical field. Physiotherapists rely on information from such research to supplement their knowledge as they continue their education courses well after qualifying their positions.

Physiotherapists are now using what is called evidence-based therapy practice as the foundation for their treatments. This is a combination of:

  • scientific research
  • clinical reasoning
  • the individual’s goals and needs

Clinical research helps the practitioner keep up to date with the latest in practice methods, technology and opportunities. The knowledge gained from clinical research allows the physiotherapist to demonstrate that the methodology employed has been tested experimentally and subjected to peer review. It has also been tested within the rehabilitation community.

A practitioner needs to be trained in the new treatment methods before he/she can implement them. Training may involve taking time off work and/or some expense to the physiotherapist or the facility. But despite all of the above, clinical research can benefit both the physio and patient if the physio is trained in the new methods and both parties come to a mutual understanding and agreement of what is to be done.

All treatments are discussed fully with the patient once an examination has been conducted to ascertain the best possible treatment or series of treatments will follow to rehabilitate the patient back to normal movement.

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