Physioworks Health Group: Health and Fitness of our community always a priority


Much recent health industry discussion has centred on the importance of exercise in fighting chronic disease in our community, including Osteoporosis (OP) and Cancer.

At Physioworks Health Group our Exercise Physiology team believe “That Exercise really is a medicine for chronic disease, especially those affecting so many of our older adults in our community”.

Exercise is proving to be a huge contributor in assisting the reduction of osteoporotic related fractures and there is growing evidence that tailored exercise is proving very effective in the treatment of cancer. (Click links to see recent articles).

As everyone is unique – and some may have specific health issues – it makes perfect sense that different activities appeal to certain individuals.

At Physioworks Health Group we believe that “Everyone is an athlete we just have different events…” So when it comes to health and fitness finding the right exercise activity specifically for you – and for your uniqueness – is really important for enjoyment & best fitness outcomes, but also to prevent injury or harm to you.

Our Exercise Physiology team provide support to our clients in identifying and developing tailored exercise programs to meet individual uniqueness.




Client Case Study:

One year ago Elaine came in to see our Exercise Physiology team with no previous exercise experience aside from staying active around the house and in the garden. Her goals were to prevent the progression of her osteopenia (reduction in bone mineral density); and to become fitter, healthier and stronger.

One thing Elaine was sure of was that she was NOT a runner. Our EP team developed a tailored exercise program with a mix of activity, including a running component that started small and slowly built over time as her running and exercise goals were achieved.

One year on and Elaine has recently completed her first ever fun-run, running her fastest ever 5km in 30 minutes and 2 seconds; and she has never been fitter and healthier.


Elaine Physioworks and Osteoporosis


At Physioworks Health Group our team practice what we preach when it comes to “get up, be active and move” – regularly participating with clients in community events, such as fun runs, often using these events as a goal within an exercise program.


Upcoming Community Event:

Stadium Stomp 2016 at the MCG on 26th June sees the Physioworks Health Group team of 16 climbers, a mix of health care and administrative staff and clients, from across our clinics, climbing thousands of stairs at the MCG – up to 7000 at last count – as a fitness based activity, but more importantly to raise funds for our chosen charity.


Physioworks Health Group are raising funds for HeadSpace, a National Youth Mental Health Foundation, who work to make it easier for a young person (12-25 years) and their family to get the help they need for problems affecting their well-being.

Physioworks Practise Manager Kate Membrey, who is co-ordinating the Physioworks “Stomp” team, said “Headspace do an amazing job with the youth of today. Two of our clinics are in the City of Casey which has the highest youth suicide in Victoria, and one the highest in Australia, so by participating not only are we benefiting from a health and fitness perspective but we can also help the youth in our community”

If you would like to donate to our fundraising effort at this event; we appreciate your support:




Can we help you to improve your health and fitness? Can we assist you with a tailored exercise program?

Please contact our Exercise Physiology team of Brooke DeHey, Jude Hewavasam and Megan Jepson at our Camberwell, Cranbourne, and Pakenham clinics.