Physioworks Health Group: Cancer & Exercise

At Physioworks Health Group our Exercise Physiology team believe that “exercise really is a medicine for many diseases affecting so many of our community”

Every year our Exercise Physiology team prepare and train groups of participants for fun runs and events raising funds for Cancer Research, such as the Mother’s Day Classic. An ongoing topic of discussion is the impact of exercise during treatment for cancer. Our team believe not only can exercise during cancer treatment improve physical functioning, it can enhance quality of life.

The article below discusses how exercise can help cancer patients maximise their health:

The article discusses that exercise can lower female risk of developing breast cancer by about 25%.  Accordingly recent evidence points to women who exercise after completing breast cancer treatment living longer, and with less recurrence.

In addition, the article states that studies show that survivors of colorectal cancer who exercised regularly lived longer than those who didn’t exercise. The same can be said for both preventing lung, prostate and endiometrial forms of cancer, as well as keeping it from recurring. Studies of numerous cancer types found that patients who were overweight after completing treatment tended to have shorter survival times and higher risk of their diseases re-occuring.

Exercise Physiologist Brooke DeHey also highly recommends viewing of a recent report shown on Catalyst (ABC TV) showing the latest research being undertaken and how exercise can help fight cancer; with some amazing results – click on the image below.

Please contact our Exercise Physiology team for consultation on how Exercise can assist your health and well-being.

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